MEET CALVIN COOLIDGE by Edward Connery-Ed. Latham


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Part sphinx, part Yankee wizard... part just plain Cal""- the former President as he was (fondly) sketched and remembered by friends and familiars and others again appears in these more than thirty short pieces. The editor indicates- but does not explain- the paradox of his election-- he was a taciturn, introspective, ""unfathomed and unfathomable"" man; Kenneth Roberts defines the essence of his character- ""simplicity, stability of character, loyalty, thrift""; Gamaliel Bradford points it up in a phrase- ""the genius of the average""; and his friends, his wife, his portraitist, his social secretary, Will Rogers and Al Smith and Clarence Day, Mencken and Lippmann, Mrs. Dwight Morrow and Bernard Baruch are among the many who commented on the man and the statesman who was above all ""plain folks"".... A collection which is predicated on the regional pride in a native son and which may not speak to others who did not then feel a particular respect or liking for Coolidge, or who now scarcely remember him.

Publisher: Stephen Greene Press