WORD POWER: An Illustrated Dictionary of Vital Words by Edward de Bono

WORD POWER: An Illustrated Dictionary of Vital Words

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A genuinely useful, if dry, vocabulary book which specifies the modern meanings of words absorbed into common usage from specialized sources such as medicine (scan, immunize), business and management (equity, franchise), psychology (conditioning, subliminal), science (quantum jump, resonance), and from miscellaneous areas (rip-off, Catch-22, ballgame). Introduced alphabetically and accompanied by a suggestive drawing or two, each one-page definition provides several examples of contemporary usage and often includes original-context meanings as well. First published in England, this has numerous Britishisms throughout (references to penny-farthings and school leavers, the usual orthographic variations) but the definitions generally pertain on both sides of the Atlantic. A helpful commodity with guidelines for 265 words.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row