B'NAI B'RITH: The Story of a Covenant by Edward E. Grusd

B'NAI B'RITH: The Story of a Covenant

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This first full-length history of B'nai B'rith is, unfortunately, heavy on the organization's conventions, preambles, and other documents, and light on human interest. Choosing the conventional chronicle form, the author leads up to its present status. One can credit Mr. Grusd with thorough, arduous research; the information is presented with a scrupulous respect for the names, the figures, and the dates. The work is on the whole that of an impersonal scholar--cautious, not given to speculation, sticking closely to the written records. Between a lively beginning--the personal experience of a Jewish son and father in the new world--and a spirited afterward, the book stretches out as an overlong study of the paper work of a great service organization.

Publisher: Appleton-Century