HOW TO LEAVE HOME and Make Everybody Like It by Edward F. Dolan

HOW TO LEAVE HOME and Make Everybody Like It

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You're not alone in your feelings; cutting the apron strings is an occasion for anguish. But listen--actually listen to your parents, don't just pretend--and be kind while breaking the news. If you're headed for a commune, no doubt yours is a clean one and you only have to make them see this. If you're moving in with a loved one, they'll feel better when they realize that you plan to marry. Better to grit your teeth (or report child abuse to juvenile authorities) than to run away--but if you do, beware of pimps and scouts who hang around bus stations. And memorize this runaway hotline number. Don't get married in your teens just to get away from home; on the other hand ""going off to college can be an excellent and pretty painless avenue to freedom."" Now, as to budgets, roommates, apartment leases, landing a job, health insurance. . . . Wait, where are you going?

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Dodd, Mead