PERE ANTOINE by Edward F. Murphy


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An unusual combination of fiction and history and biography in a story of New Orleans' famous priest, Antonio Moreno of Granada. Believing he is jilted when Anglice accepts another so that he may follow his calling, Antonio carries bitterness in his heart and proves an apt pupil of the grim Angelmo, of the Capuchins. Sent to Nouvella Orleans, he proves a scourge, a thorn to the authorities; he founds a leper hospital, champions the Negroes, and governmental fears precipitate his return to Spain in 1790. Then he undergoes a change. An Irishman wins him over to liberal thinking; his dead love's daughter continues his conversion to truer Christianity, and eventually, back again in Louisiana, he proves not only a good but a great priest. His was a Savonarola role in a young land -- the Inquisition behind him. A novel with a religious theme, tracing the regeneration of a man rather than of his flock.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday