LIFE'S HIDDEN SECRETS by Edward G. Collinge


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A synthesis and interpretation of occult truths and teaching, this is an amalgam of Eastern religio-philosophic beliefs for the Western world- ""to show the Way through the darkness of gross materialism"". This ""Way"" extends beyond the finite world of scientific evidence to the Overself; to the transfiguring concept of True Love; to the Law of Karma; and to the ascendant degrees and directions of emotional and mental substance. The secret of the Sphinx and the Pyramids, the mystery of Atlantis, the relationship between Theosophy and Spiritualism are all parts of the presentation which is not without its deliberate persuasion in the hope what has been esoteric will become exoteric...Do you know any astral bodies? This is for them.

ISBN: 1169703917
Publisher: Roy