MAN: REAL AND IDEAL by Edward Grant Conklin


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In this volume one of America's leading biologists gives us his confession of faith, based on his scientific study of man and the philosophical conclusions that he has derived from that study. The book -- despite his claim to the contrary -- is too erudite for the average layman. But a vast range of topics of vital and contemporary interest is covered:- evolution and its implications for life today; the race problem; the conflict between science and religion and how one scientist has resolved it; why men fight and how wars can be prevented; the place of religion in life today; the postwar world -- to these topics and others Prof. Conklin brings his analytical mind and his lofty idealism. Orthodox religionists will find many cherished beliefs discredited, but for those who accept the scientific approach and still feel the need of an idealistic religious faith, this book should be an invaluable aid.

Publisher: Scribner