REPUTATION FOR A SONG by Edward Grierson


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A dossier which reviews with rather drab precision the ""small hatreds, small jealousies, small desires..Small motives.....and the sum of them was the killing of a man"". For Rupert Anderson, eighteen, who is brought to book for the killing of his father, Robert, is guilty of the act but innocent insofar as he is the victim of his mother's influence and the whole dismal drama of family discord which preceded the murder. And Laura Anderson, cold, sharp, spiteful, infuriated by her inability to drive-or down- the mild little man she had married, is the fury who plays off her son- by another man- against his supposed father, who alienates the young clergyman deliberating marriage to her daughter, and who- in the final admission that Rupert is not his son- forces Robert to leave home......A close, tenaciously observed study in hostility which draws its drama from the impending verdict of the jury and the reader.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1952
Publisher: Knopf