MY LIFE ON EARTH by Edward Harris Heth


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Personal experience continues the theme and tenor of his novels in a series of pastoral vignettes, loosely joined, of a city advertising man turned country squire. A victim of nerves and a high-powered job, Heth was forced to take an extended rest in the country. At first resentful of his health, his enforced idleness, and his former friends who did not come to see him, he later entered a period of indecision and fluctuating values climaxed by the loss of his job. But it wasn't until he started to be neighborly with the stalwart and simple folk about him that he could relax sufficiently to enjoy this life. Mr. Heth's paradise are the fertile and inviting hills of Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee, and his record of it is peaceful, pleasant and mildly sedative.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1953
Publisher: Simon & Schuster