WHICH COLLEGE FOR YOU? by Edward Hodnett


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This is directed to the High School Junior- to parents- to teachers, to all for whom the importance of the choice of the right college is looming frighteningly near. Specifically, it is a handbook for building the case for selection and its use should be made by the student. Self analysis as a prime consideration is approached from the angle of gauging personal factors involved- characteristics of personality, interests, scholarship- and charts for rating are supplied in the appendix. Then the things to look for in the colleges themselves are outlined, the necessary research that should be done, the people to consult, the channels to explore, the narrowing down of the possibilities- and finally how to rate the colleges on their showings- and in relation to the student's preferences and suitability. A practical workable system, which should help bring the right applicant to the right college. Suggest use of this in connection with The College Handbook, reviewed on p. 837.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1959
Publisher: Harper