EMERGENCY RUN by Edward Hungerford


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The Spanish-American War was brewing as Chad Harper went his rounds on a snowbound farm, but the presence of a U.S. Navy man changes Chad's life and he goes out West. He joins the Navy too as soon as the Maine is reported destroyed. His good friend is reported missing, presumed dead, but Chad knows better and so, shortly, does the reader. It's quite a journey for the lost sailor boy as, in a multitude of disguises, he escapes through Cuba, and via the filthy fortress of Morro Castle, is eventually picked up by the victorious Chad and the U. S. Navy. Gory sea battle scenes for the boys who like that sort of thing. There is no contribution toward any understanding of the international issues involved --but the names of the famous ships are all there.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1948
Publisher: Wilcox & Follett