THE VEGETABLE GARDEN by Edward I. Farrington


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This is a book for the man or woman who would like to grow his own vegetables and enjoy their full freshness and flavor at his own table. It is therefore a book for the small plot owner, the vacant lot gardener or the small family which does not want to cultivate more than it can consume. The author has had a long experience in gardening and the gardening problems of amateurs so that he knows all the pitfalls and warnings, the suggestions and advice and has carefully poured it into this volume. He does not assume that a family that adores tomatoes and dislikes cauliflower will sow twice as many tomatoes. He tells them to skip the cauliflower and save the space. Economy of space and produce are emphasized and a careful plan, proper preparation and cultivation are urged. The subject is handled with such deftness and interest that anyone with a plot of ground, a little spare time and the willingness to work for his supper will be inspired to action.

ISBN: 1120108039
Publisher: Hale, Cushman & Flint