A FIVE YEAR PEACE PLAN: A Schedule for Peace Building by Edward J. Byng

A FIVE YEAR PEACE PLAN: A Schedule for Peace Building

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A lucid, concise and specific blueprint for a five year peace plan, designed not as a final word but as a modus operandi. The author traces the successive steps after capitulation, -- occupation of territory, sanitary and relief measures, dispersion of German prisoners, administration of occupied and repossessed territory to avoid civil disturbance during the readjustment and to lay a basis for shift from war to peace. He visualizes the machinery of the interim period as three Boards (later to be part of the final plan), -- political, economic and educational, and outlines the functions in some detail. He draws on the Swiss Federation, the British Commonwealth, the U. S. A., the Pan American Union -- not exclusively on one or the other, for such problems as India, Ireland, Germany, Poland, etc. He pleads for a supranational viewpoint under trained leadership. The ultimate central governing body (for matters affecting the whole) is to be a constitutional assembly with a President elected for seven years. Many will feel his project provides for too strong an executive, too weak a legislative branch. The symbolic attributes of Union sovereignty seem like injecting new factors modelled on old ones that one might like to decrease, -- stamps, coinage, flag, etc. An interesting plan which might serve as a springboard, with the emphasis more on the machinery and on the functions than on the procedure under which the various nations will take their part in the scheme. And he slides too easily over the part to be played by Russia and the Far East.

Publisher: Coward, McCann