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This compilation -- drawn largely from James Street's Holiday and Saturday Evening Post material, contains some of the best of his writing, and comprises generous measure of what he sought to do, present the South he loved as it is today. The introductory chapters, and the editorial connecting links and comments, lend additional flavor in their biographical comment, but the heart of the book lies in his own writings. Cities and states of the South come to life, in loving, though sometimes critical appraisal, with a good idea of very personal emotion and experience:- Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas (with an extra serving here in a hitherto unpublished piece on the Arkansas Gazette), Louisiana, Florida, Mobile, Houston, Dallas, the Great Smokies, and the two great rivers (""01' Man and Tennessee). There are legends made and legends explored (yes, even legends exploded); there are the contradictions of the South; there are famous incidents immortalized in the South; there are the men and women who made it; and the whole is colored by his own feeling that the South was his faith, his heaven, and his home. The market- inevitably those who love the South.

Publisher: Doubleday