DOUBLE DARE by Edward Keyes


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A ""true-life novel"" of drug-busting--fictionalized from a real case by the coauthor of The French Connection. Young Tony Farrell goes into the East Side bistro business in mid-Manhattan with his girlfriend Liz; but when they fail to make a go of it (liquor license problems), Tony becomes impossibly indebted to loanshark Cheech Donato--who suggests that Tony do a little drug passing for him. So Tony's bar is soon in the black. Then, however, Cheech gets Tony working for ""The Giant,"" an elegant Haitian cocaine king--and when Tony sets up a $75-grand coke deal with a regular at his bar, he's promptly arrested. Enter: undercover drug cops Roy Thomas and Ed Stabler, who pressure Tony into turning informer. So, wired for sound, Tony attends his first big underworld meeting and gets the inside score on The Giant's move to take over the cocaine trade from the Latinos: he's going to use American cruise liners for importing raw coke from South America via Haiti and Puerto Rico. Also attending the meeting is a rogue cop from the narcotics squad, Frank Casanova, and when Thomas and Stabler later turn him into an informer too, he's shot dead in his car. So Tony wisely goes underground with Liz until the grand jury indicts The Giant and his associates. But The Giant is a tough enemy: Cheech kidnaps Tony's foster sister Linda Palmieri--which would be a shrewd move were it not for the Palmieri family's Mafia connections. More kidnappings ensue. . . and Tony winds up both informing and surviving. None of the color, humor, or novelistic zip of Peter Maas' similar Made in America (1979)--but Keyes (The Michigan Murders) does deliver a good deal of documentary-style grit and detail.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1981
Publisher: McGraw-Hill