FINAL STAGE: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology by Edward L. & Barry N. Malzberg--Eds. Ferman

FINAL STAGE: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology

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The theme of SF's latest theme anthology is themes -- the dozen basic ones that underlie most work in the field, each assigned to an author who has previously staked it out as his own special turf. So there's Russ on future sex, with a mind expanding angle on sex objects; Pohl on first contact, with a twist on man's encounter with aliens that deepens into real horror; Anderson on space travel, with a genuinely original modus operandi for the exploration of the stars; Asimov, making his positronic robots come full circle; Silverberg on alternative universes, at his allusive best with a traveller most at home away from home. Plus immortality, space opera and other standbys. Proximate if not ultimate entertainment.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1974
Publisher: Charterhouse--dist. by McKay