LEVIN'S LAWS: Winning without Intimidation by Edward Levin

LEVIN'S LAWS: Winning without Intimidation

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What you need is an iron fist in a velvet glove,"" advises this professional mediator and arbitrator; and though he pays a little more attention than most to the velvet part, these are basically the same old tactical stratagems and ploys, designed to help you negotiate successfully in business and in your personal life. Though Levin never actually advocates blackmail, espionage, harassment, etc., he lets you know how they work--just in case you encounter them in the ""other guy""; and he sees nothing wrong with the softer side of manipulation--like ""creative vagueness"" and one-upmanship (like holding meetings on your own turf). The only limit to all this is the dictate to win graciously--a ""winner"" who makes an enemy of the opponent is, in the long haul, a ""loser."" Levin's unlikely application of traditional problem-solving techniques to the negotiating process sounds a positive note, but it's a rather forced one; underneath the veneer, it's the same old number-one-against-the-world.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Evans