THE PAPER GHOST by Edward Lindall


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An odd ball--and not too attractive a one. One feels at the end that-while it is neither mystery nor suspense, while having characteristics of both classifications, it has an annoying number of loose ends. Why does one sense an aura of mystery hanging over the narrator, who has returned to his home town in Australia to run a country weekly-and who finds his southeast Asia shadow still shrouding him? This is never really cleared up, but it does hamper his attempt to save his old aunts from persectuion from the security officer of an atom installation in the town. It does make dirt stick when thrown-whether by this same security officer, or by loose tongue--wagging round about town. He adds fuel to the fire by doing stupid things. But in the end he helps the authorities nail the proof on the right person--and he saves the added gossip that would have resulted had the scandal about one of his aunts ever broken wide open. One can't help resenting his disagreeable ""cousin"" getting off with a legacy--and no pay-offs for her share in muddying the waters.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow