THE BOWL OF NIGHT by Edward Liston


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A contemporary novel with the fascination of the lost horizon in the story of an American doctor who parachutes down in South America, is tempted to cross behind the singing Mountain to a legendary land of the unknown. Succeeding, where others had failed, he finds a civilization determined to resist any intruder. He is saved from death by their curiosity about him as an object of study, and finally finds equality and acceptance though assured there can be no return. Taking as mistress Shayli, who had been barren, he fathers two children, one a Mongolian idiot. Knowing he will be killed for having contaminated their bloodlines, he decides to escape with the child, and as in a balloon, and in the jungle, the child is hopelessly crippled in body as in mind....A speculative adventure net always aligned in mood which ranges from the colloquial to the lyrical (particularly in the amorous episodes), but still provides mild diversion for unanalytical moments.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1948
Publisher: Coward, McCann