CITIES OF THE DEEP by Edward Lyons


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The story of a man's search which leads from coastal Florida to the money marts of New York, which takes him from shame and bitterness to wealth and misery, and back again to the finding of his soul. Kin Starling, strangely raised and strangely taught, combines love and hatred for Nancy, the Major's daughter, abandons her and the tortures of Waccamaw to head for Wall Street, makes his way via the bum's route, to the City and in the '20's makes his fortune. Working for Cary, usurping his authority when Cary joins up in World War I, Kin fights his distrust for Nora's love for Cary, battles his way up mercilessly and heartlessly, grows more adamant when he learns his health is impaired. With Nora's death in childbirth and Cary's moral victory, Kin returns to find the beginnings of salvation in Waccamaw, and it is with the crash of 1929 when he goes back to New York to make good on his accounts that he loses his fortune and is ready for new horizons, with Nancy. The publishers' heavy claims for this are not borne out by the writing but on content and ideas it has a certain impact and integrity worthy of note.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts