$250,000 by Edward M. Cohen


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This rather noisome number takes place on the lower East Side and the fringes of the garment industry--in a moneylender's office where Blossom Kaufman has been for years, working for and stealing from Moe Seligson to the point where she seems to have accumulated $250,000. So her mother says--they live together and flay each other with horrid indignities. ""You disgust me. Does anybody care?"" Not much as this goes along and brother Itchy comes for a visit (he had not been around for five years since he'd told his Mummele to drop dead) and they ransack Blossom's room, for her bankbooks. She goes to work, picking up rubber bands in the gutter, stuffing them in her purse, ending up being tumbled by Moe (he's a success at work, a failure at home) in a really outrageously offensive scene. $250,000--it's dirt cheap in spots even though there are indications that Cohen can write and he has a camera eye for externals.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1967
Publisher: Putnam