A JOURNAL OF LOVE by Edward Mannix


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A kiss-kiss and tell-all account of a manage a trois (boy-girl-girl) in the Village (where else) is given by Hughes, a writer, sometimes proving that he is one at the expense of the reader. This then records the headiness, the exclusiveness, the ""absolute intimacy"" of his duet with Janine, a student nurse at St. Vincent's, until it is interrupted after one of those Village parties by Roberta, a dyke, who appropriates her. An inset-Roberta's- presumably describes her affair with Janine, only later proves to be one of Hughes' pranks.... Actually, in spot scenes, Mr. Mannix is fairly clever: there's a visit with his Professor's wife, a Georgia magnolia who would give Tennessee Williams pause; a reading of a Rorschach; a discussion of dianetics (?), which are all fairly sharp. But for the most part this was written, and can be written off, as an ambisextrous game of peekaboo.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1964
Publisher: Dial