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FOX ALL WEEK by Edward Marshall



Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1984
ISBN: 0140377085
Publisher: Dial/Dutton

Yes, an episode-a-day in the life of young slyboots Fox--and a better lot of stories than this series has seen in some time. On Monday, when the class field-trip looks to be rained out, Fox develops a sore throat:"" 'But I will go to school anyway.' 'Oh, no.' said Mom. 'You will go straight to bed.' 'If you say so,' said Fox."" (But, just when he's congratulating himself, his class files past the window, undeterred. "" 'It isn't funny,' said Fox."") Tuesday brings a snafu with tuna fish sandwiches, Wednesday a laugh at the library, Thursday some passing discomfort with cigars. On Friday, Fox offers to cook dinner ("" 'Oh, goody,' said Mom""--who's not ""a good cook""), and ceremoniously serves forth peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Saturday he gets an understanding nod from Grandma; Sunday brings comforting words for friend Carmen (hiding under a paper bag) and all kids who wear braces. Varyingly humorous, then: not according to formula, not tediously tied to a single trait.