FOX AND HIS FRIENDS by Edward Marshall


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The chief characteristic of the Marshalls' Fox is not slyness but a less than assiduous attention to duty. First, while Fox sulks in the park over being stuck with little sister Louise and no friends to play with, Louise slips off to the top of a telephone pole--and Fox, who hates high places, has to bring her down. There's a similar incident at the swimming pool: this time, Louise leads Fox up to the high diving board and shames him into jumping off after her. Finally, Fox leaves his patrol post at the corner to go to the beach with his friends. . . but his conscience acts up in the form of a dream that sends him hurrying back in time to cross old Mr. Dog. James Marshall makes these doings as fetchingly ridiculous as others he has pictured, but the straight story hasn't the teasing wit of this pair's Troll Country or Three By the Sea.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1982
Publisher: Dial