TROLL COUNTRY by Edward Marshall
Kirkus Star


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Did Elsie Fay Johnson's mother really meet a troll on that long-ago night in the deep dark woods? Mr. Johnson pooh-poohs the story, but Elsie Fay eats it up; and sure enough, on the very day she hears about the troll, Elsie Fay herself runs into the grumpy green monster. Moreover, Elsie Fay manages her escape as cleverly as her mother did hers years back--and she comes home with evidence that her encounter was with the very same troll. Edward Marshall's craftily farfetched and foolish story has a solid core: and his manner of telling is as inspired a match for his cousin's well-known drollery as Elsie Fay is for the troll (or for her mother).

Pub Date: March 7th, 1980
Publisher: Dial