DEADWOOD CITY by Edward Packard


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The name of the game is choices in this second-person adventure which starts you out as a stranger riding into Deadwood City and deciding whether to check out the town at the saloon (if so, turn to page eight), the hotel (page nine), or the sheriff's office (page ten). If you pick the saloon, will you accept or decline an invitation to a poker game in which the loser has to ""go out and take care of"" outlaw Kurt Malloy? Wherever you go, you can't get more than a page away without running into another hard choice-but no single sequence goes on for long: of 92 one-page bits, 37 are endings. And whether you end up dead in the desert, bored in the bunkhouse, behind bars, typesetting for the Chicago Tribune, or whatever, is determined by whether you: confront Malloy or join his gang? start a newspaper or look for a job? fight robber Lefty or go for help? quit with your winnings or go another hand? turn north or south? Here's another: go along with Packard's gag or save your game-playing for the ones you plug into your TV set? Your move.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott