MEDICINE MARCHES ON by Edward Podolsky


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No, it is not just another book on the development of modern medical history. One could read Clendening's Behind the Doctor and Joseph Loebel's Medicine and still find in this book not only a vast amount of information barely touched upon in the other two books, but so dramatic a presentation of new ways of treatment, new approach to old diseases, that one has a sense of welcoming a new world of science. It's good reading, too, and fires one with the desire to go into the highways and hedges and tell the world that it is no longer necessary to die from pernicious anemia, to go under the knife for stomach ulcers, to dread the onslaught of heart attacks, to despair of childlessness, to succumb to death of poisoning, to spoil one's disposition by excessive reducing diets. The market is first of all the medical profession, for it summarizes information that the medical journals present month after month to doctors too busy to read them. The market is next that vast number of laymen interested in health and disease. The sort of book that should be sold through personalized circular letters.

Pub Date: Aug. 10th, 1934
Publisher: Harper