CHALLENGE TO DEMOCRACY: The Next Ten Years by Edward Reed
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This book is the result of a ten-day convocation held in New York City to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Fund for the Republic, the parent body of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. It is not--and this cannot be emphasized too strongly--the usual collection of highflown soporific speeches and unruffled, unruffling rejoinders produced by such occasions; on the contrary it presents much interesting thinking on some of the largest contemporary issues, and most of the additional comments included are not only pertinent, but also convey a lively sense of real dialogue. Prepared papers include: Gunnar Myrdal on ""The Role of Government in the Economy"", Lewis Mumford and Gerard Diel on ""Technology and Democracy""; Senator Fulbright on ""Is Government by the People Possible?""; Adolf A. Berle and Walter Reuther on ""Concentration of Private Power""; Newton Minow on ""Responsibilities of the Mass Media""; and Adlai Stevenson on ""The Prospects for Democracy"". Admiral Rickover, Labor Secretary Wirtz, ex-Premier Mendes-France, Viscount Hailsham, Robert L. Heilbroner, and of course Robert M. Hutchins, are among the outstanding kibitzers. It is, in every sense of the word, a distinguished confrontation---and clash--of men and ideas.

Publisher: Praeger