INCLINATIONS by Edward Sackville-West


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The first collection of this author's literary studies is a large portion of caviare for an elite audience for the criticism here is austere, and the standards unbending and demanding. The range is wide and the interest varied, from the little known Barbellion, to Conrad, Henry James, George Eliot, Dickens, Meredith, Elizabeth Bowen and Ivy Compton-Burnett, Shelley, Rilke, de Vigny, Stendahl, Beyle, Malraux, Mauriac, Zola, from literature to music and art and biography, and there is a unification of themes in the author's aesthetic tastes and principles. The classical bias here, the personal integrity which holds to ""genuine tragedy at a low level of mentality is a contradiction of terms"", the tempered, penetrating studies, the intense application of knowledge as well as the philosophical and interpretative conclusions maintain this on a rarefied plane which a general reader may not make the effort to attain. Of literary import however and often valid in its definitions of the criteria of criticism.

Publisher: Scribner