BLOW NEGATIVE! by Edward Stephens


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When bumbling, confused reservist Lt. (J.g.) Harry Joy went aboard the submarine in New London in , his main thought was to get away from his mother, his girl friend and the monotony of the tiny beach town of Baja Vista, California, for awhile. He had no that his destiny would become irrevocably involved with that of the sub's skipper, Commander Sampson Greice, and that the two would years later work on the development of nuclear powered submarines. For Greice, it must be noted, bears some biographical, historical, and even physical resemblance to the famous Admiral Rickover of atomic sub fame. Thus there is more to this lively, briskly-written Navy novel than Joy's adventures in Cuba, his winning fame by mistake in war games, and his agonizing attraction to the beautiful Lydia, a woman of some questionable behavior. With Greice later on in the bureaucratic seas of Washington, Joy lives through the fight for nuclear power---with its consequent Congressional bearings and battier with Navy brass---which marked the real story of the early and mid . Amusingly told, peopled with very believable men and women, it is fiction which hints at the facts behind recent history.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday