SKOAL SCANDINAVIA by Edward Streeter
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The Father of the bride, and her mother, and another couple take a trip to Norway, Sweden and Denmark and this is the all too humorously human account of the traveling quartet. Via plane across the Atlantic, then in their own car which had been shipped ahead, they are confident that their carefully planned itinerary is foolproof -- and find themselves in the goodly company of all other mice and men. There are all the flies that make the ointment perfect -- mixed up accomodations, weather, the disintegration of what was to be a self-improvement project, the personal battles, (over car windows, sightseeing trips, etc.,) -- and the many things that caught the fancy of the foursome. Porters, Folkemuseums, scenery, scenery and more scenery, ferries, food, hotels, the strangeness of foreign lands, manners, drink, odds and ends of history, driving problems (both as to routes and personal travel quirks), -- this is a truthful travelogue which captures much of the countries' physical and human characteristics and introduces you to four entertaining traveling companions. There are irreverent moments and interludes as well as real appreciation; there are mutual agreements and the interplay of four personalities as well as the division of the sexes; there's a lot of sightseeing and trouble of touring -- but these ""ignorant innocents loose in strange countries"" give a fresh, most un-Baedekery look to their schedule. You'll like the trip -- and the travelers.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1952
Publisher: Harper