FATHER OF THE BRIDE by Edward Streeter


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Good for a lot of laughs, particularly on the part of other fathers of brides, and -- at not too close quarters- mothers of brides and even brides. There's still a sting in the picture of how the father slowly loses all rights to a say in what goes on. There's a recognizable reflection of the casual hard-heartedness of modern youth, the ignoring of the conventions of earlier days, the brusque assumption that youth knows its own mind and will take nothing from the outmoded codes of their antiquated elders. From the pattern of changing attitudes towards hovering males, through the growing pains of acceptance, the painful dislocation of the engagement, the preparations for the big event, the shutting out of mere males, and the wedding itself- and the deflation afterwards- yes, it is all there, done with mirrors in Edward Streeter's best manner.... No question of its popularity, but it seems an odd choice for the Book of the Month Club.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1949
ISBN: 0822203901
Publisher: Simon & Schuster