A SEED IN SPRING by Edward Thompson


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Of the cotton kingdoms of Arkansas which old Tom Jordan dreams of ruling, as his plans for marrying his son, young Tom, to Jeff Phillips' daughter, Virginia, reach a successful conclusion. But young Mrs. Rutherford upsets those dreams as her masochistic husband drives her out and her love for young Tom finds an answer, as the weather, mill strikes of 1926, and other family and business questions force the old man to see the emptiness of his concentrated ambitions. When young Tom runs away with the woman he loves, when old Tom's wife dies, it is the younger son, Richard, who gives up the law business to help his father on the plantation, who realizes that an end has come to the economy they have known, and to the world and class they had enjoyed. Amplified by questions of color, of the old line adherence to custom and code, this is a thorough- going novel of a particular scene, in a particular place, which is dependent on types of characters rather than the characters themselves, and as such is not as complete a book as it might be.

Publisher: Macrae-Smith