IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES: The Inside Story of Famous Divorces by Edward Z. Epstein

IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES: The Inside Story of Famous Divorces

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This could have been called Great Divorces of the Century, though that would not have improved the writing. The sleaze spins thin with common court practices spooled out at unnecessary length, perhaps to aid younger readers new to tabloid trialdom. Glamorous sojourners in Splitsville spotlighted here include Bobo and Winthrop Rockefeller (at $6m-plus, she received the largest settlement in legal history), Woolworth-heiress Barbara Hutton and her seven husbands (including Cary Grant and Porfirio ""Hung-like-a-Horse"" Rubirosa, the Dominican playboy-diplomat-racer-$tud), Tommy Manville the alcoholic asbestos millionaire and his eleven wives, the Stillmans, and Seagram whiskey scion Edgar Bronfman (whose wife Lady Carolyn said ""no"" on their wedding day and went off by herself). Most attention is lavished on Leonard Rhinelander who claimed to have married a ""colored"" woman unknowingly (she was required to disrobe to the waist for the jury and won the case). Entertaining? So-so, but that's it.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1976
Publisher: Lyle Stuart