BLUE BOY by Edwin A. Peeples


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Blue Boy is a Siamese kitten, the runt born before the eyes of Colin, a very dreamy child, with an affinity for all animals, indoors or out, or the farm on nill where he lives. Thus he has earlier befriended a mouse, Raffles, who disappears, as does Blue Boy, behind one of the partitions in this old Victorian house. Blue Boy is trapped there, on top of a pile of razor blades dropped through the bathroom wall, and Raffles takes care of him, feeds him so that he will not starve to death. Sometimes Blue Boy cries, and he is mistaken- by the owners of the house-to be a ghost. Finally he is retrieved and returned to Colin... A difficult book to place: there are some conceptually adult and valid ideas about birth and death, as well as Colin's babyish speechways as he talks about ""hurted and deaded;"" there are some nice bits of animal lore, along with the wisps of whimsy; and some of the description is prettily poetic, while on the other hand the animals talk (a spider, Raffles and Blue Boy) in the idiom.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1964
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin