JOHN STUDEBAKER: An American Dream by Edwin Corle

JOHN STUDEBAKER: An American Dream

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The personal life of John Mohler Studebaker and the automobile empire he built, projected against a panorama of America which shares equally with Studebaker's story the center of interest. Highly readable as the history of a few, colorful decades, this biography traces Studebaker's rag-to-riches accomplishments and favors a swift and light pace over accuracy of detail. The immigration of the Studebeckers in 1736, down four generations to John Mohler in South Bend, his search for gold in California during the gold rush, his return- via Panama- to South Bend where he invested in the family wagon business, developed it until it became a major industry, his death in 1917- this the outline of his life.... By no means as decisive or as varied a personality as Henry Ford, interest in Studebaker is less assured.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton