BRIEF AUTHORITY by Edwin F. Stanton


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From thirty-two years of foreign service in the Far East, Edwin Stanton speaks with intelligence of the situation as he witnessed its progression in China. His insighhts are not on the level of a political analyst but supplement by first-hand knowledge which sometimes offers an edge of immediacy and sometimes turns personal. Service took him to Mukden, to the Kalgan of the war lords and flood epidemic, to Shantung Province in 1927 and the Tainan Incident. Interned after Pearl Harbor, he returned to his wife in the United States as an exchanged prisoner, and the Stantons worked in Thailand for seven years, from 1946. Here is commentary on the new Asian spirit, on the mixture of tradition and the desire for freedom; here is evidence of devoted and courageous effort on the part of a Foreign Service Officer to serve the interests of his country and of the country in which he finds himself. The book itself is somewhat less expressive than it might be.

Publisher: Harper