THE CLAYBROOKS by Edwin G. Huddleston


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Your money's worth of drama here -- even if it is overloaded, it still sticks with its story and characters. Tabby Wayne returns to her home, in Tennessee, in 1910 and introduces Jock, her son, as the product of her marriage with her fabulously wealthy husband from Australia. But she tells her mother, Miranda, and her family, that he is really a woods colt, fathered by archeologist Craig, after her husband's death. Miranda fights Tabby's wish to stay as does Tabby's jealous sister, Xavia, but Bella, her understanding sister, and Cameron, her frustrated brother, and her magical uncle, Plez, will not have her go. Craig turns up, very much alive and wanting Tabby -- and his son; Tabby declares her love for Coon, now successful brother of their overseer and precipitates the finale between Plez and Craig who have come to a stalemate over Craig's knowledge of murder that Plez has done, years before in the East. Plez acts for fate when he lets Craig be killed -- and goes to his own death. In elliptical terms this maintains its interest and suspense but it is still a strong and heavy dish.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1951
Publisher: Macmillan