THE PHILOSOPHER'S GAME by Edwin & John Brockman Schlossberg


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Match your wits against the 100 greatest thinkers of ali time."" How so? By reading a wee vignette (some factual, some fanciful) about each guru, a vignette that leads up (""Confucius looks both men in the eyes and says. . .') to Great Words. But! Which are the real Great Words and which are decoys? Three choices for each philospher, presumably proving how easy it is to mistake James Joyce for Spinoza, Arnold Toynbee for Leibniz, and Doris Lessing for Jonathan Swift. Interested parties will be likely to skip the occasionally amusing vignettes--Walt Whitman and a lover kissing unashamedly in the park, Jung and Freud trading put-clowns--and jump right into the multiple-choicing, which pales after the first three or four innings. Still, an ingenious whimsy and the ideal gift for your favorite Wittgenstein fan.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's