SPEAK NOT EVIL by Edwin Lanham


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This busy author attempts to stage just one more 20th century galliard on the New England village green with inter-tribal rivalry waving the front parlor curtains, but faults with only minor variations. The assimilated auslander in the old Connecticut town is newspaperman Guy Dennis (merely one quarter Cherokee Indian) tabbed ""Cherokee"" by his Irish, hard drinking sidekick, Pat Mahoney. Our Old Family banker is Henry Chilworth, chilly with his niece, Alicia, for marrying a now deceased Polish Catholic. Alicia's offspring, yclept Faithful, is in turn attracted to a newcomer in town, Earl Dexter, claiming to be Guy's son. Compounding the already sticky business is an upcoming town tercentenary celebration, not aided one whit by the alcoholic quips of the Chilworth heir, Andrew, whose estranged wife is back in town. Henry dies in the arms of amour, Andrew's true powers are released, Guy waggles antennae at Alicia, and Earl gets Faithful with child, while an older personage named Verity plans an abortion. All this is embellished with bits from a town meeting, gossip under dryers, and a fat leaf from ""The Young People's Guide to Wrongdoing""- robbery, car theft, orgies etc. Despite the touch of sin, the good and pure win. For all readers named Faithful and Verity. Tried and most untrue.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1964
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Co.