THE DIMENSION OF DEPTH by Edwin McNeill Poteat
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Dr. Poteat, late president of the Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, has written many books of religion which are eagerly read because they nourish the spirit (Coming to Terms with the Universe, These Shared Has Passion. Four Freedoms and God, God Makes the Difference, et al.). This last book fulfills the promise of the others. He shows that Jesus, in the crises of the last days of his earthly life, realised that simple and readily understood descriptions of the issues of life and death would not do. There had to be comprehension at the deepest levels if he was to finish the work God sent him to do. What he did and said in these last days of his earthly life revealed the profound mystery of the Christian religion, but to those who would receive it a solid foundation was provided on which a man might surely and confidently build. For only those who have ventured the profundity of the depths can feel the ecstasy of the heights. So Dr. Poteat leads his readers through the successive crises of life as seen in the dimension of depth,- the crises of morality, piety, success, dedication, conflict, triumph and death, the surest bridge to life. This will make excellent Lenten reading for Christians of all shades of denominational opinion, for the Christ of the depths and heights is for all men.

Publisher: Harper