THE WELL ADULT: Complete Guide to Protecting and Improving Your Health by

THE WELL ADULT: Complete Guide to Protecting and Improving Your Health

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Another guide to healthier living through life-style changes, with help for when common problems arise; this is notable for a lengthy, thorough introduction on public health philosophies of improving health. The Samuelses (The Well Pregnancy Book, The Well Baby Book, The Well Child Book) begin by explaining the two emphases of public-health professionals: health promotion and health protection. Health promotion measures assume that ""when people become educated about a particular health issue, they become motivated to change their habits and improve their health."" Health protection is based on the belief that ""the social and economic environment is the main determinant of people's health and habits, and that individuals are primarily influenced by the social structure at large"" (for example, ""outlawing or heavily taxing cigarettes to get people to smoke less""). The authors give a nod to health protection, but their focus is on health promotion. Thus, the Samuelses first give an overview of such broad areas as stress; ""Fulfillment and Health"" (including the stages of life, spiritual growth, and other topics); nutrition; exercise; and chemicals (including smoking, alcoholism, and drug abuse). The bulk of their guide is then given over to ""Common Illnesses of Midadulthood"": symptoms, descriptions, self-care, what treatment a doctor can offer, what other diseases to rule out, and prevention of each problem. These are grouped by body part (skin, head, etc.), with obesity and emergency medicine thrown in; the information is accurate and helpful. A sound emphasis on prevention, then, distinguishes this otherwise routine guide.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1988
Publisher: Summit/Simon & Schuster