BENJY: A Ferocious Fairy Tale by Edwin O'Connor

BENJY: A Ferocious Fairy Tale

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Benjy was Mummy's darling -- a self-righteous, horrid little boy who went through life not understanding at all why he lost friends and failed to influence people. Just what purpose is served by this tale -- unless Edwin O'Connor is getting back at someone -- remains a mystery. Seek as one does for symbolism, humor, any raison d'etre one reaches the end mystified as to why the story was written, for whom it is intended, and why it is being published. There may be such small monsters and such incredibly idiotic mothers, but even broad caricature fails to convince this reader, who frankly resisted every line of the book, which is mercifully short.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1957
ISBN: 0879237953
Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.