FORWARD OBSERVER by Edwin V. Westrate


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Another of these books of first hand, front line material in which Dutton is specializing, a text which combines tight vernacular, personal touches, with some concentrated incidents of the arena of war. This time it's a forward observer detail of the artillery who form a roving observation post of four men for the troops behind, and constitute one of the most dangerous jobs of the war. And it is particularly the story of Lt. Kennard, head of the detail, and Rick Hallon, old friend and commanding officer, on the Tunisian front at the tide-turning of Rommel's forces. Heavy hazards, continued casualties, culminate in a last stand by Rick, who takes over Kennard's post, and -- as Kennard's superior -- orders artillery fire on his own position -- and his own death -- to stop a tank drive. Kennard is wounded, captured by the Naziz, escapes off a bombed prisoner ship, and is hospitalized in Algiers where he marries the Wac he and Rick had both loved... Some of the glamor here of Nalta Story -- fact slightly fiction-flavored.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1944
ISBN: 1406706361
Publisher: Dutton