IT'S AN OLD PENNSYLVANIA CUSTOM by Edwin Valentine Mitchell


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Mitchell has a gift for rescuing from oblivion those rare bits of legend and story and history that give color to our regional portraits. Since he is himself a Nov Englander, it is extraordinary that he has been able to do this so successfully with Pennsylvania. He has given us a sense of its many-hued character; he has written of caves and cave dwellers, of the early Quakers, of bandits and desperadoes. He has given a chapter to Pennsylvania talk- to the lasting influence on speech and inflection of Scots, Quakers, and Germans. He has brought to life again the Utopias of the past- and their survivals today-legends of the Harmony Society, the Fourniers, the Sylvania ciation, of madcap Fiddler Ole Bull, of Ephrata and the Dunkers. He writes of Pennsylvania's and roads- of Pennsylvania's crafts and music and food- of regional .

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1947
Publisher: Vanguard