Supplementary Report on NEAR HORIZONS by Edwin Way Teale

Supplementary Report on NEAR HORIZONS

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Have you any memories of childhood relating to discovery of a lovely secret place, of the adventure and est of that discovery? Perhaps some such impression was responsible for what -- in retrospect -- seems an unfair report (see P. 545) on this new book which Mr. Teale has written about his insect garden. Grassroot Jungles was just such an experience -- an eyeopening adventure in a new world. Near Horizons was a return to that enchanting world, and the sense of newness was no longer there, the thrill of discovery was lacking. But -- on reappraisal of the new volume, one discovers much that is new and revealing, both by way of expansion of material lightly touched upon before and wholly fresh and unfamiliar stories of the insect world (butterfly battles; the production of froth nests by frog hoppers; the life stories of paper-making wasps, of angular-winged katydids, of water striders, of the ant lion) data on moles and birds not treated in Grassroot Jungles; mysteries of another world close to us but virtually unseen). Then, of course, there are 160 superb photographs, previously mentioned. Vear Horizons is recommended for boys and girls on P. 583. And listed in the Holiday Book List now on press. So please give the book another chance if you were discouraged by our reader's first reaction.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead