NEAR HORIZONS by Edwin Way Teale


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If this book serves as an introduction to Mr. Teale, it will prove exciting and eye-opening. If it follows a reading of Grassroot Jungles, it will seem more of the same, and not very thrilling. Mr. Teale has, perhaps, spread himself a bit thin. Nonetheless, the story of his insect garden, its strange inhabitants, some astounding and surprising facts about insects, will prove good reading for the verace layman to whom insects are just bug, Mr. Teal has a kind word to say on many ""pests"" and tells his tale in the form of independent episodes, -- such as the story of the useful mole, the pet mantis, etc. There are more than 160 photographs by this top-notch insect photographer. Plus sale for boys and girls.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead