The Eyes of the Desert Sand
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After a young girl and boy are magically transported to another world, they must unlock its secrets while contending with an evil group bent on destruction.

Ethan Fox randomly meets Haley Hunt while enjoying a day at an amusement park with his parents. However, when he and Haley go off exploring the beach, they’re suddenly teleported to a magical land. They’re greeted by an interesting cast of characters and creatures, most importantly Daavic and his mother, headmistress Jordanna Ravenwood. Jordanna explains that they are Caretakers who watch over Earth to ensure that its inhabitants aren’t harmed by such creatures as vamprils and hell giants. The Caretakers work against the Grimleavers, who are led by a man who killed Jordanna’s father-in-law after betraying him. Jordanna’s other son, Damien, purportedly killed his own father and abducted his sister, Danielle. Once Jordanna sees Haley, however, she contemplates the curious resemblance between Haley and her lost daughter. Ethan and Haley explore the world, starting with the mysterious Moongarden and its secret wishing well. Trouble strikes when they visit different lands, including the Silent Forest and Kracken Island, to help the Caretakers thwart attacks and kidnappings by Grimleavers. Through these journeys and more, Ethan uses his power to conjure words on the pages of a blank book—poems that hint at clues to help in dire situations. Ethan and Haley make a cute, energetic and formidable duo, as they try to make their way through a familiar yet foreign world while aiding their new friends. The blending mythologies can be confusing in this alternate universe that’s also sometimes overwhelmed by an array of characters. At its heart, this story colorfully portrays a family once betrayed but now slowly putting itself back together.

A delight for fans of fantasy and action adventures.

Pub Date: March 24th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1884573255
Page count: 320pp
Publisher: Fox Hunt Publishing Group
Program: Kirkus Indie
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