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DEVIL’S FOOTSTEPS by E.E. Richardson


by E.E. Richardson

Age Range: 12 - 15

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 2005
ISBN: 0-385-73263-5
Publisher: Delacorte

The whole town ignores the evil that has caused the disappearance of many children over the years. Bryan’s older brother Adam disappeared five years ago when the two of them were playing in the woods, Jake’s friend has vanished and Stephen, sensing something is wrong, worries about his foolhardy younger sister, Nina. The boys know that the power keeps the adults oblivious to the danger. The three form a group to try to uncover a solution, or simply to understand the evil and what causes it. Quite frightening and supernatural events plague their investigations, but as they begin to understand the horrors at work, their own peril becomes increasingly clear. Each is tested by their worst fear, until the ultimate test when Nina dangerously decides to confront the evil on her own. Similar to the popular Cirque Du Freak titles by Darren Shan, this is less distinctly British and short enough to appeal to a wide range of readers. Haunting, like the eerie numbering chant that leads the footsteps to the devil. (Fantasy. 12-15)