SPOIL! by E.G. Perrault


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Towering Inferno-like fare about an oil well out of control in the Canadian Arctic. Ian Danelock, High Arctic Enterprises drilling operations manager, commutes back and forth between Calgary and the drill site off Ellesmore Island hoping there'll be a threshold reserve of gas and enough oil to justify a pipeline down to southern Canada. Besides his own personal problems -- an absentee marriage and a poetry-writing substitute wife -- his consortium has to worry about a possible blowout, bad publicity, and RAPE (Resistance Assn. for the Protection of the Environment). The B-16 well eventually blows wild. . . the oil spill containment system is unable to keep in check an imminent ecological disaster. . . and Danelock more or less gives up when the oil oozes out to sea. In addition, there's an all-over-the-terraineous subplot involving an RCMP manhunt after an Eskimo maintenance man who was cuckolded into murder. Enough going on -- all of it slush and sludge.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday